Depending on your time frame and the price you want to get for your house, you can either choose to (1) accept a straight cash offer from us, and you get the full amount in less than seven days; or (2) sell your house at an auction with us, which may involve waiting more a total of three months, but with the possibility of getting a higher price; or (3) let us help you sell your house on the market through our guided selling, which involves a longer time frame.

We come up with an initial offer within 24 hours after asking you a few questions about your property, which will determine the property’s potential. We then send third party estate agents and RICS surveyors to see the house’s condition and estimate a value. We base our formal cash offer on their feedback and current market rates.

Nothing. Everything is free of charge. We value your property free of charge and you are under no obligation to accept our offer if it does not suit your requirements. Should you choose to accept our offer, we cover the valuators and solicitors’ fees.

As long as the rates are fair based on the current market price, we will buy your tenanted property.

We are interested in any property regardless of the condition. It could be a land, a residential house, or a commercial building. Contact us so we can give you an offer.


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